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Possums are a headache; they not only damage your property but also lead to severe deadly diseases. Our local certified teams are experienced and well-trained to remove possums from your backyards. Whether the possum is dead or alive, our team uses industry-grade equipment and certified products to eliminate the possums and sanitise the area to prevent pest infestation in the future. Moreover, our teams are available 24/7 to arrive at your location within a few hours of a confirmed booking. You can schedule your appointment at your convenient time even at late hours. Call Instant Possum Removal directly and let us know about your requirements. One of our specialists will resolve your issues as early as possible.

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    Are you worried about possums? It is a matter of safety for your family, employees and guests. Consult our expert for effective possum control service at your doorstep.

    Our 3-Step Professional Possum Removal Service

    Our members do not believe in an all-in-one solution. That is why we inspect the area and offer a strategic approach and personalised suggestions to match your expectations. Generally, we follow a three-step process that starts with the following step:

    Initial Possum Inspection

    After reaching your home, our expert team inspects the area of infestation and finds out the entry and exit points of possums. Moreover, we also determine the level of infestations and severity of the damage. After that, we set a strategy for effective removal.

    Effective Possum Treatment

    Are you going to buy property? It is Based on our initial inspection, we set appropriate equipment and tools to catch possums safely. All our methods are safe and follow local regulations, so you will not face any legal issues after the service. Moreover, we do not kill the possums; we humanely release them in a safe location far away from your locality.

    Personalised Suggestions on Possum Prevention

    Lastly, our senior experts resolve the source of the issue and create a possum barrier around the garden, trees or premises to prevent future infestations. Besides that, we also offer personalised suggestions to get rid of such issues.

    Rats Vs Possums: How to Identify Them?

    Rats and possums look similar, but experts can differentiate between them based on their behaviour. Here are some signs to identify them easily:


    Possums are more common in Australia. They are larger in size than rats. There are more than fifty different species of possums. They are usually known for sharp claws on their toes. The easy way to identify them is their hairy face and sharp teeth that may bite humans, kids or pets. You cannot use chemical-based pesticides to kill possums. That is why you need an expert possum catcher to get rid of such an issue.


    Rats are a very common species, and they can be found anywhere in the world. You can hire local experts to eliminate them or use chemical pesticides for safe elimination. Rats are usually smaller than possums, with long tails and skin without hair.

    Importance of Hiring Professionals for Possum Control Services

    Possum management is a tough task, and it needs expertise, knowledge, skills and access to industry-grade equipment. You can find thousands of DIYs online, but most of them are not effective against such an issue. Besides that, possums carry deadly germs and viruses, so it is better to rely on an expert for such a risky task. Moreover, possums are protected animals, so you cannot use poisons against such pests. On the other hand, professionals use certified products to safely catch possums and get rid of pests for our clients. You should hire an expert for the following reasons:

    • Possums can be a threat to your family members or pets, so it is better to consult an expert for possum removal services.
    • Experts understand possums' behaviour and set strategic approaches for an effective outcome.
    • Our teams are equipped with industry-grade tools and products for backyard possum removal safely and effectively.
    • Our members follow all the rules and regulations of possum removal, so there would not be any legal constraints.

    If you are searching for an effective and transparent possum removal service, please feel free to consult with one of our teams.

    Types of Rodents

    House Mouse

    They are about 2-4 inches in length and have pointed noses and large ears. House mice are ash-grey coloured and can eat anything from cereals to insects to fruits.

    Wood Mouse

    These species are similar to the house mouse but have bigger eyes and ears. They weigh up to 25 grams. They have a long tail and a golden-brown bottom.

    Brown Rats

    Brown rats are about 15-27 cm long. They have pointed noses and grey-brown bodies with long tails. They live mainly in towns, human habitats, grasslands, and coastal and wetland areas.

    Black-footed Tree Rat

    They are the largest rodents found in Australia with long black tails and big black ears. These species have been declared endangered by the Australian government.

    Black Rat
    These rodent species are grey, black or brown-in color. They can eat fruits, grains, and every other eatable item. They can climb anywhere at a fast speed.
    Pale Field Rat

    These rodent species are about 140 mm and are nightly creatures. They are a vegetarian species that reside mainly in habitats such as grassland sedges across North and East Australia.

    Why Should You Choose Us for Backyard Possum Removal Services?

    At Instant Possum Removal, our teams always provide transparent and affordable services to residential and commercial clients. With our dedication, honesty and hard work, we have become the leading service provider in your locality. Residents prefer us for the following reasons:

    Certified Pest Technicians

    Our members are IICRC certified and well-trained to offer the best service in your locality.

    Strategic Approach for Backyard Possum Removal

    Our members understand your needs and inspect the area to offer a safe strategic approach for backyard possum removal.

    Easy Booking and Same Day Service

    We are just one call away! Call us for an express appointment and get the same day service at your doorstep.

    Available 24/7 for Our Clients

    We understand your needs, and that is why our members are available 24/7 to offer pest management services.

    High-Quality Equipment

    Our teams use industry-grade equipment and certified products for possum removal.

    Maintain All the Laws

    All members understand the rules and regulations for conducting such a service in your locality, so we can offer a headache-free experience.

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    We resolve all the doubts and ensure long-lasting possum protection so that you do not need to spend on recurring services.

    Affordable Services

    Do not worry about the cost. Call us for an initial inspection, and we will offer the lowest quote in your locality.

    Looking for an Effective Backyard Possum Removal Service?

    If you are searching for a transparent and reliable backyard possum removal service for your residential or commercial premises, please feel free to call us directly and schedule an appointment at your convenient time.

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