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Are you worried because of the possums staying on your property? There is no need to tolerate the nuisance caused by them. You can book the possum removal service in Sydney and get rid of these pests within a few hours.

Instant Possum Removal is a trustworthy company that holds the license to remove possums from residential and commercial properties. We have several years of experience in the pest management industry. We use the latest technology and strategies to catch and remove the possums.

We have an experienced team of workers that work 365 days a year to make the properties possum-free. If you need emergency possum removal service from your property, then you can contact us. We would reach your place on the same day to catch the possums. To contact our customer care team, you can either give us a call or send us a message in the contact us form mentioned on this website.

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    Why Do You Need Possum Removal Service in Sydney?

    Unlike other pests, you can’t use pesticides or harsh methods to kill possums. After all, possums are protected under the Wildlife Act of 1975. To get these pests removed, you need to seek help from experts. Here is a list of some benefits that you would get by booking the possum control Sydney service.

    Generally, people don’t have enough knowledge about rules and laws related to possum removal. By booking the service, you can avoid complications related to the pest removal process.

    Possums are considered the carriers of various kinds of pathogens. They can spread different types of diseases such as spotted fever, tuberculosis, etc. Professionals take away the possums and protect you from potential health hazards.

    Pests like possums could cause severe destruction to property. These could ruin the gardens by damaging the plants. They can leave scratch and chew marks on the wooden structures. Roofs could become stained due to possum’s urine and faecal matter.

    How to Recognise Possum Infestation?

    In order to contact the experts at the right time, it is essential to identify the possum infestation at the initial stage. Wondering how to do it? Have a look at the following signs of infestation and hire the experts as soon as you notice them:

    Sounds and Noises

    You will be able to hear sounds made by possums if they exist on your property. Sounds such as hissing, clicking and growling could be heard clearly at night.

    Droppings and Urine Stains

    The droppings of possums could be seen in the garden, attics and roofs. You could also notice urine stains when the possum infestation increases.

    Musty Smell

    Possums have scent glands. You would recognise possums with help of a musty odour that comes from the secretions of the glands.

    Property Damage

    The damage to the property exteriors could be associated with the possum infestation. Possums can cause damage to sidings, wooden fences, etc.

    Some Common Possum Species Found in Sydney

    Do you know there are over 30 species of possums in Australia? Among all the species, the following ones are frequently found near human colonies. If you find them in or around your home, reach out to possum removal Sydney experts.

    • Ringtail Possum - These possums mainly live in tree hollows. They eat fruits, leaves and flowers. The ring-like long tail makes it easier for a possum to grasp things. Their body is generally grey in colour.
    • Brushtail Possum - As the name suggests, these possums have a furry tail. You may find gold or black-coloured possums in urban areas.
    • Pygmy Possums - Very small in size, these possums could be one of the cutest-looking pests. They have grey-coloured fur on their body and feed on insects, fruits, seeds, pollen and nectar.
    • Honey Possum - These possums are quite sociable. They love to eat pollen and nectar. You may find this species of possums near well-maintained gardens.
    • Scaly-Tailed Possum - This species could be discovered in sandstones. These pests don’t have hairy tail. You can see scales on their bodies.
    • Green-Tail Possum - These possums could grow up to 30 cm in length. They have green-coloured fur and consume figs and leaves.

    Process of Possum Removal Service in Sydney

    At Instant Possum Removal¸ we have a team of certified pest controllers that excel in making properties possum-free. In order to execute the procedure, we follow a series of steps. The three-staged process could be summarised as follows:

    Inspection of the Property

    Our Possum control Sydney team reaches every corner of the property and finds out the necessary details. In the inspection, we determine the nesting places, feeding places and entry points for possums. Next, we check the severity of infestation by evaluating the damage caused by the pests.

    Possum Trapping and Relocation

    As an experienced and reliable company, it is our duty to remove the possums humanely. We use traps to catch the possum and safely relocate them to a valid place.


    Our work is not over yet. We visit the place again to see whether the possums are removed or not. In case the pests are not removed, we extend the treatment duration. Lastly, our professionals provide some tips to the customers that could help them in preventing the possums.

    Emergency Rodent Control

    How do We Trap Possums?

    Our possum removal Sydney specialists keep you safe from sudden attacks done by possums by trapping them. To catch these pests, we use two types of boxes. Read below to know more:

    • Nest Box - The house owners can keep nesting boxes for possums around their property. In a small box, a hole can be made. When the possum enters the box, it gets trapped.
    • Control Box - Possum removal Sydney professionals often install control boxes for catching the possums. These boxes help in controlling an existing infestation. Comfortable and warm control boxes are attractive for possums. They come and reside in these boxes. Later, professionals relocate the pests.

    Importance of Possum Removal Services

    Rodent control

    Possums carry ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites. These pests may enter your home and burrow beneath your rugs, carpets, decks, pets, and more.

    Bee Removal

    They destroy your home by smashing garbage cans and devouring anything edible.

    Kitchen Counter

    They also consume your garden plants, destroying your efforts to maintain them healthy.

    Cooking Appliances

    Possums can strike or bite your pets and children in certain circumstances.


    They will attack in reaction to any threat.


    These parasites, like dogs, kill chickens and devour their eggs.


    Possums, like other animals, may die on your property, bringing additional insects, illnesses, and unpleasant odors.

    Some Differences between Possums and Rats

    People often get confused between possums and rats. But, you need to know about the differences between them. This knowledge would help you in booking the right service:

    • Possums are marsupials while rats are rodents.
    • Rats could be diurnal and nocturnal. But, possums are strictly nocturnal.
    • Another difference lies in the appearance of tails. Possums have bushy tail while rats don’t have hairs on their tails.
    • Rats generally eat whatever they find. They are omnivorous. On the other hand, possums are herbivores. But, they can eat meat if required.
    Emergency Rodent Control

    Why Choose Instant Possum Removal Services?

    We are a licensed company that holds license for providing pest control treatments to commercial and residential clients. By booking the possum removal service from our company, you would get the following benefits:

    Affordable Treatment

    Our company provides top-quality work at budget-friendly prices. There are no hidden charges.

    24/7 Open Online Booking

    There is no need to wait for a perfect day to get the possums removed. You can call us on any day and at any time. We would accept the booking.

    Adherence to Laws

    While handling, catching and relocating the possums, we take care of the laws formed by the company. So, you can hand over the work to us without hesitation.

    Same Day or Emergency Service Booking

    If you need our service urgently, then feel free to contact us. We would send our specialists on the same day to your home or office.

    Do you want to enjoy these benefits? Well, you can give us a call and we would send you a quote instantly.

    Best Dead Possum Removal Sydney Service

    Sometimes, possums die in hard-to-reach spots. It is difficult to pull out the animals from such locations. Moreover, the carcass in badly withered condition can be unpleasant. Instant Possum Removal provides a specialised service only for the removal of dead possums.
    In this service, we find the dead bodies of possums. Presence of ticks and emission of horrible smell could help the experts in finding the dead possums. We wear gloves and remove the carcasses from the property. Not only body removal, but sanitisation and deodorisation are also handled by our professionals.

    Emergency Rodent Control

    Reliable Possum Removal Sydney Service for Commercial Places

    Presence of pests on a property is not considered good for human health. The customers and employees might not like the existence of possums in a commercial complex. Our company offers possum control services for almost all kinds of commercial buildings like hospitals, hotels, schools, clinics, factories and offices. At a reasonable price, we send our team. We only use eco-friendly and humane possum control methods. So, you can trust our services. To schedule the booking, you can contact our customer care team.

    Possum Removal Sydney Solution for Residential Places

    Does someone take away the pet food that you keep in the bowl? The possums could eat away the pet food at your home. You need to take these signs seriously and seek an expert for possum removal. To ensure safety of your loved ones, you should contact Instant Possum Removal. We offer dependable and pocket-friendly service. Our professionals are quick and don’t disturb you for anything. They would bring the necessary tools and products that are required for catching possums. If you want to know more about our service or need an instant quote, give us a call.

    Commercial Rodent Control
    Commercial Rodent Control

    We Can Provide Service on the Same Day!

    Did you notice lots of possums in your backyard? Get them removed on the same day. There is no need to delay the booking as the number of possums would increase with time. Instead, you can connect with our team. You can schedule the booking for possum removal Sydney service for the same day. This option of emergency booking has helped many clients from property and health damage.

    How to Keep Possums Away from Property?

    Do possums disturb you by jumping on the roof at night? You could keep such annoying pests away from your home or office with help of certain measures:

    • Consider fencing your garden. Tall fencing would restrict the entry of possums.
    • Make sure that you empty the trash bins daily. Filled and open bins could be attacked by pests.
    • Mothballs, ammonia, garlic and various other strong-scented things could be kept on the entrances of the property to keep the possums away.
    • If you don’t want to use chemicals, then you can keep ultrasonic devices. The sound waves can’t be tolerated by possums.

    These are a few tips that are suggested by pros. You don’t have to spend lots of money to prevent possums. You can be cautious about some things and keep your property pest-free.

    Commercial Possum Control

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    Possum removal Sydney is a fantastic service that could keep different species of possums away from humans. At Instant Possum Removal, we have a trained team that would take away the possums to another place. If you want to hire our team, then feel free to call us.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Possum Control Service

    Q. Do you apply toxic chemicals to remove possums?

    No, our possum removal Sydney professionals use traps and safe tools to remove the possums.

    Q. How much do I have to pay for the possum removal service?

    Instant Possum Removal provide treatment at an affordable price. The cost is determined by different factors such as property area, infestation severity, etc.

    Q. Can I kill a possum?

    No, you can’t exterminate a possum. It is not legal to kill these animals. They are protected species and must be handled by experts.

    Q. Do you provide possum control treatment on Sundays?

    Yes, our company offers the service on weekends. In fact, we work 365 days a year to help customers.

    Q. Do you send possum catchers to commercial places?

    Yes, we tend to provide possum removal solutions to all kinds of commercial places including schools, hotels, hospitals, etc.

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