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At Instant Possum Removal, our mission is to provide effective and efficient removal of possums from your property. We are a reputable name in delivering exceptional quality service that offers you peace of mind. With our extensive experience, we’ve mastered the art of humane possum removal.

The Problem with Possums

Possums are typically harmless creatures, but can become a nuisance when they invade our living spaces. They’re known for rummaging through garbage, eating gardens, and can even cause damage to structures in their search for a warm place to nest. They might be cute, but the cost and trouble they bring are anything but.

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    Why Choose Us for Your Possum Removal Needs

    We are dedicated to offering quick and reliable possum removal services. Our team uses humane methods to safely lure and capture the possums, ensuring no harm comes to them or your property. We also make sure to inspect your property to identify possum entry points and advise on how to prevent future invasions.

    We provide our possum removal services in several areas across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra , Adelaide , Hobart & Perth in Australia for more than two decades. Reach out to us for rapid, professional possum removal services in your locality.

    Don’t delay – take control of your possum problem now! Reach out to us by dialing 0480014564. Your solution is just a phone call away!

    Understanding Possum Removal

    Removing possums isn’t a one-size-fits-all job. Each scenario is unique, and the condition of every property varies. If you find yourself needing professional assistance, it’s essential to understand that costs can differ based on various factors.

    • Property Size
    • Cost Factor
    • Location
    • Climatic Conditions
    • Possum Types
    • Property Types

    Factors That Influence Possum Removal Cost


    Property Size and Number of Entry Points

    Larger properties or ones with numerous entry points for possums require more thorough inspections and proofing measures, affecting the overall cost.


    The Severity of Infestation

    The more possums there are to remove, the more resources and time it will take. A larger colony can increase the overall cost due to the additional traps, retrieval time, and release effort required.


    Proofing and Repairs

    After successfully removing the possums, it’s essential to proof your property to prevent return visits. Repairing damage done by the possums and installing preventive measures, such as possum boxes or sealing entry points, influence the final cost.


    Location of the Possums

    If possums have found their way into hard-to-reach areas, such as wall cavities or ceilings, extra time and specialized equipment may be needed to access and remove them safely without damaging your property.


    Emergency or After-Hours Services

    Should you require immediate or after-hours services, this could also influence the cost due to the convenience and urgency of the job.

    At Instant Possum Removal, we offer upfront pricing with no hidden costs, providing you a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with our services. This transparency ensures that you know exactly what you’re paying for, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
    The cost can vary, typically ranging from $380, depending on the complexity involved in the removal process. Act now! Solve your possum issues today by giving us a ring at 0480014564.We’re just one call away from helping you!

    Our Possum Removal Guarantee

    We offer a 12-month guarantee on our Possum Removal services. If a possum returns within 12 months following our service, we’ll remove it from your property again at no additional cost.

    Professional and Ethical Treatment

    We’re more than just a possum removal company. We’re a team of animal lovers committed to treating all creatures fairly. Rest assured that we abide by all local regulations and only use ethically approved removal strategies.

    Contact Us Today for Immediate Possum Removal

    Tired of dealing with possums? We, at Instant Possum Removal, are not only your go-to possum catchers but also your local possum removal experts who serve throughout Melbourne. Our team understands the urgency of possum infestations and thus, offers same-day booking services. Contact us and book your appointment at any time.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Possum Removal Costs

    Q. How much does it typically cost for possum removal through Instant Possum Removal?

    Ans. The typical cost for possum removal at Instant Possum Removal ranges from $380, depending on the complexity of the removal process./p>

    Q. What factors influence the cost of possum removal at Instant Possum Removal?

    Ans. The cost of Instant Possum Removal services can vary based on several factors such as the number of possums to be removed, the complexity of the removal process, and any additional services required.

    Q. Are there any hidden charges or costs beyond the quoted price for possum removal at Instant Possum Removal?

    Ans. At Instant Possum Removal, we believe in transparency. Any additional costs beyond the quoted price due to unforeseen complications will be clarified and agreed upon before the removal process.

    Q. Do Instant Possum Removal costs include both the removal and relocation of the possum?

    Ans. Yes, our charges typically cover both the humane removal and safe relocation of the possum.

    Q. Are there different costs for residential and commercial possum removal services at Instant Possum Removal?

    Ans. The cost primarily depends on the complexity of the removal process rather than the type of premises. However, larger scale removals such as in commercial properties may incur additional costs.

    Q. How can I get an accurate estimate of possum removal costs from Instant Possum Removal?

    Ans. Emergency services may have different pricing due to the urgency and possible after-hours work involved. Please contact us directly for emergency service rates.
    Remember, every possum removal situation is unique, so costs can vary. But rest assured, Instant Possum Removal always strives to offer the best quality service at the most competitive prices.

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