How To Remove Possum From Garage

How To Remove Possum From Garage

Imagine stepping into your garage in the middle of the night to find an unexpected guest: a possum! These furry animals may seem harmless, but they can wreak havoc in your garage in no time. This is an unusual situation and it’s important to take the correct steps to make sure you do not cause any damage to the property or the animal. If you do come across such a situation and are at a loss about how to proceed, don’t panic. You’re not alone in dealing with this issue. At Instant Possum Removal, we are here to guide you through the process of safely removing possums from your garage, ensuring the well-being of both you and our nocturnal neighbours. Our possum removal guidelines will not only help you deal with the situation at hand, but will also help you prevent such incidents in the future. So, let’s begin:

Identify the Possum Problem:

  • Before you take any action, it’s essential to determine whether a possum has taken up residence in your garage. Look for signs like droppings, chewed items, and strange noises in the night. Spotting these signs is the first step in ensuring proper removal of the animal from your garage.
  • Possums are drawn to garages because they provide shelter and warmth, making them ideal spots for these creatures to hide. They might have chosen your garage because it’s quiet, cool and safe. It’s important to understand these creatures before you dive into the possum removal

Understand Possum Behaviour:

  • It’s important to know that possums are nocturnal and primarily active at night, so it’s crucial to plan your removal strategy accordingly. Knowing and understanding common possum behaviour is an important step in being able to properly deal with this issue.
  • Possums are generally timid and non aggressive animals, but they may hiss or show their teeth if they feel threatened. Be sure to deal with them with patience and not threaten them, as this can make the situation worse. These animals also deserve to be treated with care, and you must not be impatient with them.

Gather Your Equipment:

  • Proper protective gear is a must when it comes to effective possum removal at home. Just putting on a mask and diving into the process won’t do, you also need to wear gloves and long sleeves to protect yourself from any potential bites or scratches.
  • Apart from the protective gear, you’ll also need a live trap or a blanket to safely capture the possum. Keeping a flashlight with you will help you see clearly in dimly lit areas of your garage. Make sure to always keep these supplies ready to deal with the situation effectively.

Create an Escape Route:

  • Before attempting to remove the possum, open the garage door to give it an easy exit route. Ensure all other potential escape routes are blocked. Be patient and let the possum decide to move out on its own. Rushing the situation can create problems for both you and the possum.
  • Possums are attracted to a variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and pet food. You can use these foods to place the bait near the open garage door to entice the possum towards it. Sit quietly at a distance and wait for the possum to take the bait.

Capture the Possum:

  • Once the possum takes the bait and starts eating, approach it slowly and carefully with your blanket or live trap. Cover the possum gently with the blanket or place the trap over it. Be as calm and gentle as possible to avoid stressing the animal.
  • If you use a trap, make sure it’s designed for live capture and doesn’t harm the possum. Causing any pain or trouble to the animal can make it restless and will make the possum removal process difficult for you.

Release the Possum:

  • Take the captured possum outside and release it in a suitable location away from your property. If you release the possum too close to your home, there is a chance that it might find its way back to your garage. Make sure it has access to shelter and water.
  • Remember, possums are territorial, so releasing them too close may lead to them returning. However, you must always ensure that you release it in a place that is adequate for an animal to thrive in.

Prevent Future Visits:

  • Inspect your garage for any openings or gaps that possums could use to gain access. Seal them with durable materials like wood or metal. Seal all potential possum entry points in your home, garage and attic to keep them away from your home in the future.
  • Remove Attractants: Keep your garage clean and free from food sources that might attract possums. Keep garbage cans sealed and all food and water sources inside to make sure they are not attracted to your property in the first place.
  • Motion-Activated Lights: Installing motion-activated lights around your garage is a great way to deter possums from approaching. Possums are afraid of bright light and this will help to gently force them to move away.

Seek Professional Help:

If you’re uncomfortable handling possum removal yourself or if you have recurring issues, consider hiring a professional possum removal service. At Instant Possum Removal, we have the experience and equipment to ensure a safe and humane removal process. Possums play an important role in the ecosystem by controlling insect populations. This is why it’s essential to handle them with care and respect their place in the natural world.

Dealing with a possum in your garage can be a bit unnerving, but with the right knowledge and approach, you can safely remove these nocturnal visitors and prevent future intrusions. Remember to be patient, gentle, and respectful towards possums as you guide them back to their natural habitat. If you ever find yourself in a possum predicament that you can’t handle, don’t hesitate to call in the experts who can help both you and the possums find a peaceful coexistence.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this blog post has been diligently fact-checked and written by Nicholas Willmore, an esteemed Australian expert in the pest control industry

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