How To Get Rid Of Possums From Roof?

You have been hearing loud noises from your roof since a few nights. After further investigation, you have found a possum dozing off in your roof. However, that still makes you unsure as to how to get rid of this pest and prevent it from nesting in your roof.

These pests are becoming common by the day in all the Australian cities. These pests cause immense damage to your property once they have gained entry into your roof. They chew and break tiles in the roof and destroy it, and also chew electrical cables.

Knowing what precautions one needs to take to get rid of possums from your roof will ensure that they do not get a chance to ruin your property. So, let’s dive into the topic of how to get rid of possums from your roof. These nocturnal creatures can cause significant damage to your property, and their presence can lead to various health risks. However, it’s crucial to approach this issue ethically and humanely, respecting wildlife while protecting your home.

  • Traps

Use traps to catch possums by placing them on the ground or locations near the roof. Make sure the trap is disguised into a shelter-like thing which will make the possums walk into it. Possums are likely to enter inside traps created by people that resemble burrows in the ground covered with leaves and dirt. Additionally, you can also make a tunnel that can double as a trap with mechanical doors that shut once the pest has entered inside.

  • Repellents

You can use natural elements that will act as repellents for keeping off possums from your roof. Unlike other pests, you cannot use poisonous chemicals to get rid of possums. Quassia chips and tabasco sauce are known to be effective in deterring the possums and forcing them to find a new shelter. You can also keep a lamp on in the roof for a few days in a row. This will also distract the possums and keep them from getting any sleep.

  • Strong smells

Strong smells are also enough for driving possums away from your roof. Garlic, ammonia and mothballs can be used for repelling possums and preventing them from living in your roofs. Strong chemicals like vinegar and gasoline also can be sprayed around the roof, shingles and eaves. Spraying the plants, trees and areas where you find possum trails can also be effective in irritating the possums and making your home unwelcome for them.

  • Loud sounds

Get a machine that gives out whirring, buzzing or droning sounds. You can also find devices giving out predator sounds like hissing, screeching or grunting. That will irritate and scare the possums making them drive off your roof. You can also install ultrasonic possum deterrents in the roof space which will emit strong light and sound to irritate and distract the possums. The frequency of the sound can be kept to a lower level if you have cats and dogs in your household.

  • Water hose

You can spray water on the possums with a water hose when you see them. That will either scare them off or get them to climb down and leave your property. Motion-activated water sprinklers can also do an efficient job of getting rid of the possums in your premises. You can place them on the roof or in areas wherever you have spotted possums before.

  • Remove food sources

Possums are attracted to your home on account of food. Leftovers of pet food in the bowl, an overflowing trash can or scraps of food in the backyard can draw possums to your premises. Deter these pests by locking the trash can and storing pet food inside. Make sure the pet food and water bowl are clean too.

  • Fill up any holes and gaps

If you have possums living inside your roof, it likely has holes and gaps which have helped the pest enter. Consult a professional possum catcher who will remove the possums living in your roof and will also have all such holes filled up. They are aware of the common entry points in residential areas used by possums for nesting. The professionals will use strong industrial chemicals to fill out such access points so that no new possum colonies can enter inside.

  • Trim tree branches

Possums can move from tree to tree easily since they can easily jump and climb trees. Tree branches touching the roof of your house can provide possums an entry into your house. Creepers that have grown up to the roof are also a no-no as these pests can scale them to get entry into the roof. Make sure the branches and creepers are pruned from time to time.

Possums are pests that can damage your roof leaving you with hefty reparation bills while also compromising the health of the household. If you still experience possum activity and noises from the roof, then you should consult a professional possum catcher at the earliest. Hence, you should not ignore the issue and have them removed as soon as possible.

This approach aligns with our commitment to sustainable, long-term solutions that benefit both homeowners and wildlife. Stay tuned for practical, step-by-step instructions that will help you reclaim your roof from these unwanted guests.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this blog post has been diligently fact-checked and written by Nicholas Willmore, an esteemed Australian expert in the pest control industry

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