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Possums are a threat to humans and pets. They look similar to rats, but you need an expert to identify and eliminate them safely. Possums are protected animals, so you cannot use poisons and chemical pesticides to kill them. That is why you need a certified expert to remove the possum from your premises.

Are you searching for a leading service provider in your locality? Our teams are equipped with advanced tools, certified products and industry-grade equipment to eliminate possums and ensure long-lasting protection.

Whether you are a residential or commercial client, our experts are available 24/7 to reach your location and resolve the issue as early as possible. Do not apply DIYs; consult us for an emergency possum removal service in your locality. Our personalised suggestions and strategic approach will help you to prevent such issues in the future.

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    6 Most Common Species of Possums in Hobart

    There are more than 60 species of possums in Australia, but the following six species are common in your locality.

    • Brushtail Possum - Brushtail is the second largest species of possum in Australia, so they are the native species. We have the right tools to control Brushtail possums in Hobart.
    • Pygmy Possums - They are very similar to rats and tough to identify the species. If you suspect a possum infestation in your backyard, do not hesitate to consult with our teams.
    • Ringtail Possum - Ringtails mainly infest the garden, and they usually eat leaves and greenery. If such species infest your garden, call us for a same-day possum control service in Hobart.
    • Scaly-Tailed Possum - Scaly-tailed species can be found in northwestern Australia. They are light grey in colour with shorter ears and a hairy face. We are ready to remove possums from your property.
    • Honey Possum - This species is less dangerous, but if you are facing any issues, feel free to get our effective possum control service in Hobart. They are a miniature species mainly found in southwest Australia.
    • Green-tail Possum - This is similar to ringtail possum and usually found in northern Australia. Are you facing possum infestation in Hobart? Do not apply DIYs; call us for emergency services.

    Types of Rodents

    House Mouse

    They are about 2-4 inches in length and have pointed noses and large ears. House mice are ash-grey coloured and can eat anything from cereals to insects to fruits.

    Wood Mouse

    These species are similar to the house mouse but have bigger eyes and ears. They weigh up to 25 grams. They have a long tail and a golden-brown bottom.

    Brown Rats

    Brown rats are about 15-27 cm long. They have pointed noses and grey-brown bodies with long tails. They live mainly in towns, human habitats, grasslands, and coastal and wetland areas.

    Black-footed Tree Rat

    They are the largest rodents found in Australia with long black tails and big black ears. These species have been declared endangered by the Australian government.

    Black Rat
    These rodent species are grey, black or brown-in color. They can eat fruits, grains, and every other eatable item. They can climb anywhere at a fast speed.
    Pale Field Rat

    These rodent species are about 140 mm and are nightly creatures. They are a vegetarian species that reside mainly in habitats such as grassland sedges across North and East Australia.

    Emergency Possum Control

    Local Facts about Possum Removal Service

    • Possums are regarded as scavenger pests.
    • According to Possum Protection Law (Wildlife Act 1975), they cannot be killed.
    • Possums usually hunt for birds, worms and insects.
    • They may bite humans and pets.
    • Possum has a long tail and hairy face with sharp teeth.

    4 Types of Possum Removal Services that We Offer in Hobart

    We offer a wide range of possum removal services for our residential and commercial clients, but the following four services are more common. Our teams are available for same-day service in your locality. These four services are:

    Dead Possum Removal Service in Hobart

    Have you noticed a dead possum? Do not apply DIYs to remove the carcass. When they find danger, possums often act dead to avoid predators. Be careful and consult with an expert for dead possum removal service on your premises. Our team will assess the condition and understand the problem of the possum before offering personalised suggestions.

    Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

    Are you going to buy property? It is important to inspect the area before buying, and it also helps to understand the true value of the property. Our teams will also offer pre-purchase inspection, especially when you are doubtful about the possum activity in your new property. We can help you to detect the activities and resolve the issue with our advanced possum control techniques.

    Backyard Possum Removal in Hobart

    We use recommended possum-catching boxes and nests to catch possums on your property. However, you cannot do it on your own because we are licensed professionals to conduct such activities in your locality. If you suspect signs of possums, please feel free to let us know about your requirements.

    Under Deck Possum Removal

    Our members use the most effective and safest technique to eliminate under-deck possums from your property. The best part is that we prefer to catch the possums instead of eliminating them using chemical-based pesticides. That is why we can offer long-lasting protection, following all the local regulations of the government.

    Our 3-Step Effective Possum Removal Process in Hobart

    Possum removal is a risky task; it needs training, experience, knowledge and skills. That is why you should rely on an expert for such a task. Our teams follow a three-step process to ensure the best outcome.

    Rodent control

    Initial Inspection - Our expert team thoroughly inspects the area to find the severity of the infestation, species of possums, and risk associated with the task before recommending an appropriate strategy for the client. We also look for entry and exit points of the possums to prevent future infestation.

    Bee Removal

    Effective Possum Treatment - Our members use traps and baits to catch possums safely and release them far away from your locality. No issue is big or small for us! We do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides because it is illegal to kill them. We believe catching the possum is the best way to remove them safely from our client’s location. However, the actual strategy will depend on our initial inspection.

    Kitchen Counter

    Monitoring and Possum Prevention - Our senior members monitor the area to check the service quality and offer personalised suggestions to prevent possum attacks in future. Besides that, we also install barriers in your garden and seal all the cracks, crevices and holes, which may allow the possums to enter your premises. If you need, we also offer post-service maintenance for our clients.

    Local Certified Team for Smooth and Safe Possum Removal

    Have you found signs of possum infestations on your premises? Do not apply regular home remedies or call DIY experts. Only a licensed local certified team can provide the service in your locality. That is why you should call us for an urgent possum removal service. Our experts are IICRC certified and well-trained to take care of this issue. We also consider all your requirements and expectations before recommending a possum removal strategy. The best part is that you will get long-lasting protection because professionals will find the entry and exit points of possums and seal all those holes and cracks. Besides that, with advanced possum traps, nests and boxes, experts will catch them safely. If you are facing a possum infestation, do not hesitate to call us for a responsive service.

    Learn the Possum Protection Law

    Unlike other pests, possums have protected animals, so you cannot use chemical-based pesticides or catch them wherever you want. According to Possum Protection Law, no one can kill or catch possums under any circumstance. Only a certified possum catcher can do the task of relocating the possums safely.

    If anyone is reported with an incidence of catching or killing a possum, he or she may face legal action by the local government body. That is why you should take the assistance of a licensed possum catcher in your locality.

    Our teams maintain all the laws and industry standards in Australia to catch possums safely with recommended possum-catching boxes and nest boxes.

    Emergency Rodent Control

    Rat Vs Possums: How to Identify the Species?

    Indeed, possums and rats look similar, but you can distinguish them easily before applying specific pest control strategies.


    • Possums are usually larger in size than rats.
    • You can find possums mainly in Australia and nearby areas.
    • There are more than 60 different species of possums.
    • Possums have long, hairy tails.
    • They have sharp claws and hairy faces.
    • Their teeth are sharp to protect themselves from predators.
    • You should not use pesticides against possums.
    • If you find possums, consult an expert for advanced possum control service.


    • Rats are usually smaller in size than possums.
    • Rodents usually have long tails and skin without hair.
    • They can be found anywhere in the world.
    • You can control rodent infestations easily with chemical-based pesticides, baits or traps.
    • You can also consult an expert for rodent control services in your locality.

    Benefits of Choosing Our Professional Possum Removal Service in Hobart

    You can apply thousands of DIYs for different other pests, but you must rely on a licensed professional for possum removal. We specialise in possum control, so you will get personalised suggestions and a better strategic approach than other companies who offer different other pest control services in Hobart. Moreover, you will get the following benefits:

    • Our team of specialists have years of experience in the industry.
    • Our members understand the behaviour of possums and their species to offer safe service on your property.
    • All our members are available to offer same-day service to all residential & commercial clients.
    • Do you want the safest method of possum control without much headache? We are the right choice for you.
    • We not only eliminate possums but also offer long-lasting protection against future infestation.
    • Members focus on relocating the pests instead of killing them.
    • Our teams understand all the rules and regulations regarding possum control in Australia. By hiring our services, you will get a headache-free service.

    2 Safe Methods of Controlling Possums in Your Property

    Following all the rules and regulations, we generally recommend two types of possum extermination processes for our clients. Our teams have advanced tools and recommended materials to conduct such a process in your locality.

    Possum Nest Box

    Our specialist teams install safe trapping nests for the possums, which are also used to keep the animals before the release. Generally, we install the nests on the branches of the trees around 4 metres away from the ground. In some cases, we also set the nests on the ground depending on the activities and behaviour of the possums on your property.

    Possum Control Box

    Secondly, we also use possum control boxes which are smaller in size than possum nest boxes. It is mainly used to trap the possums before the release. We also set the boxes on the ground or around the trees for a more effective outcome. However, the strategy will depend on the activities of the possums on your property.

    Searching for an Affordable Possum Management Service in Hobart?

    If you are searching for an affordable possum removal service in your locality, we are the best choice for you. At Instant Possum Removal, our experts are trained and certified to conduct such tasks in your locality, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. If you are searching for an affordable possum control service for your residential or commercial premises, please feel free to call us and consult with one of our experts for a confirmed appointment,

    Want Same Day Hobart Possum Control at Your Doorstep?

    We understand the urgency of the service. That is why our experts are available 24/7 to reach your location and offer same-day possum control service even in remote areas. If you are looking for an emergency appointment, call us directly and schedule an appointment. We are open even on weekends and public holidays, so if it is not urgent, schedule an appointment at your convenient time, even in late hours. Our experts will conduct all the steps smoothly without disrupting your business. You can also call us for regular possum inspection and protection in Hobart. Professionals will keep your family members, employees or guests safe from possum attacks while conducting the service with our industry-grade equipment and products. Call us and schedule a confirmed appointment.

    Emergency Possum Removal

    Why Choose Magic’s Pest Control Experts for Rodent Removal Services?

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    Emergency Rodent Control

    Why Should You Choose Our Services?

    At Instant Possum Removal, our specialist teams offer affordable services without compromising on service quality. Residents and businesses prefer us for the following reasons:

    • Our team is comprised of certified professionals who each hold a Certificate IV in Animal Regulation and Management.
    • Use of industry-grade equipment and certified materials
    • Safe and eco-friendly possum control
    • Follow all the rules to offer a smooth experience for the clients
    • Services are available 24/7 for all residential & commercial clients
    • Same day booking and responsive services
    • Affordable costs and long-lasting possum protection

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    Are you searching for a transparent and reliable possum control service in your locality? Call us directly and schedule an appointment.

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