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At Instant Possum Removal, we pride ourselves on providing fast, effective, and humane possum removal services in Perth and the surrounding areas. Our expert team uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods to rid your property of possums while ensuring that these native animals are not harmed in any way. Trust us for all your possum removal needs in Perth!.

Even though possums possess a serious threat, it is not legal to kill them because of their dwindling. So what we need to find out is how we can safely remove possums from your property? This is where our possum removal service will come in. We provide a large range of services from emergency possum removal service to possum relocation, possum inspection or dead possum removal service.

We know that possums can become a nuisance for property owners and also understand that they are an integral part of nature. This is the reason why we provide a humane and safe way for possum removal as per rules and regulations to avoid any legal trouble. Our professionals understand how possum removal can be done and use latest techniques without causing harm to them.

We are very proud of our reputation as one of the most reliable and affordable possum removal company in Perth. Our aim is to provide effective possum removal solutions to make your property possum free! So, for all your possum worries, contact us now! Our possum removal service is your first choice for effective and humane possum removal.

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    Hassle-free Possum Removal

    Contact our possum removal team and get guaranteed possum removal service. Possums are protected as per National Prk and Wildlife Act 1974 Law. They are under the threat of extinction and have positive impact for maintaining ecological balance. Without any license or permission, it is illegal to kill or catch a possum. Most common possum species is brushtail possum and it is mostly found in urban areas. Possums become active at night as they are nocturnal and make high sounds. They love to stay in hidden areas. Here are some of the possum species:

    • Brushtail Possum - Brushtail possums are one of the largest species in Australia. They get active at night and can be seen moving here and there at night.
    • Ringtail Possum - This possum species is of cat size. Their body is grey colored with white patches. Their tail is white in color.
    • Pygmy Possums - Pygmy possums are small in size and are commonly found in Australia. They are not that visible and live in shrublands.
    • Honey Possum - Honey possums eats nectar and are found in areas in Australia where flowers are in abundance.
    • Green-tail Possum - It is very clear from its name that these possums are green in color and have small ears in round shape. Their body is covered in white patches.
    • Scaly-Tailed Possum - Scaly-tailed possums are mostly found in coastal areas and feed on roots, flowers and leaves.

    Types of Rodents

    House Mouse

    They are about 2-4 inches in length and have pointed noses and large ears. House mice are ash-grey coloured and can eat anything from cereals to insects to fruits.

    Wood Mouse

    These species are similar to the house mouse but have bigger eyes and ears. They weigh up to 25 grams. They have a long tail and a golden-brown bottom.

    Brown Rats

    Brown rats are about 15-27 cm long. They have pointed noses and grey-brown bodies with long tails. They live mainly in towns, human habitats, grasslands, and coastal and wetland areas.

    Black-footed Tree Rat

    They are the largest rodents found in Australia with long black tails and big black ears. These species have been declared endangered by the Australian government.

    Black Rat
    These rodent species are grey, black or brown-in color. They can eat fruits, grains, and every other eatable item. They can climb anywhere at a fast speed.
    Pale Field Rat

    These rodent species are about 140 mm and are nightly creatures. They are a vegetarian species that reside mainly in habitats such as grassland sedges across North and East Australia.

    Emergency Rodent Control

    Australia’s #1 Team: Years of Trusted Possum Removal Service In Perth

    We are a certified humane possum removal company in Perth. We abide by every law and regulation that the government sets forth. In addition, we are natives of Perth. As a result, when necessary, we are fully aware of all the shortcuts to a specific spot. As a result, we are always ready to serve you. We are well-known among many Perth residents because we are a legal possum removal team. Contact us to receive the secure possum removal service. We consistently meet or exceed the standards of the top possum catcher Perth firm offering the service.

    Our Few Successful On-Site Incidents Happened In Perth

    Instant Possum Removal Saves the Day at a Perth Family Home

    In the beautiful suburb of East Cannington, a Perth family was being kept up at night by unwanted possum visitors. Living near Kings Park and Botanic Garden, the family's home was surrounded by nature, which unfortunately also meant more opportunities for Wildlife Invaders. They contacted with Instant Possum Removal for our expertise in handling such situations.

    Instant Possum Removal Experts promptly arrived and conducted a thorough inspection of the property. Our experts identified several entry points used by possums and quickly implemented an environment-friendly and humane possum removal solution.

    After sealing these entry points, the team customized a follow-up plan to ensure the problem didn't recur. They Thanks to Our Instant Possum Removal Specialist, the Perth family can now enjoy peaceful nights and a possum-free home.

    Instant Possum Removal Protects Perth's State Ballet Company

    Nestled in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre, the state ballet company found itself dealing with an unlikely issue: possums had infiltrated their theatre. The company required a swift resolution that wouldn't disrupt their performance schedule or harm the animals. Our Instant Possum Removal, with its proven track record in Perth, was called upon for assistance.

    Using our knowledge of the local wildlife and terrain, Instant Possum Removal quickly devised a removal strategy tailored to the theatre's unique challenges. Through a combination of humane trapping methods and customized exclusion techniques, the team successfully captured and relocated the possums without causing distress or harm.

    Instant Possum Removal Rescues Perth Riverside Restaurant

    A popular riverside restaurant in Perth, known for its stunning views of the Swan River, faced a recurring possum problem in its outdoor dining area. The restaurant's management sought a humane and effective solution to ensure their customers could enjoy their meals without unwanted interruptions. Instant Possum Removal was contacted to address this issue.

    Upon assessing the situation, Instant Possum Removal implemented a two-pronged approach. First, they used humane trapping techniques to capture the possums without causing distress, and then relocated them to a more suitable environment.

    Second, the team identified points of entry and potential attractants in the restaurant's vicinity and advised the management on how to make the outdoor area less appealing to possums.

    As a result, the restaurant can now offer its patrons a possum-free, enjoyable dining experience with sweeping views of Perth's iconic Swan River.

    Instant Possum Removal Secures Beachside Residence in Perth

    A homeowner in one of Perth's charming beachside suburbs found themselves grappling with a possum infestation in their attic. The homeowner reached out to us "Instant Possum Removal" to address the issue and prevent any potential damage to their property.

    Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the local Perth environment, Instant Possum Removal conducted a thorough inspection and identified multiple points of entry used by the possums.

    They then implemented humane trapping techniques to safely and effectively capture and relocate the possums to a more suitable location. Additionally, the team sealed off the entry points and provided advice on how the homeowner could maintain a possum-free home in the future.

    These case records highlight Instant Possum Removal's commitment to providing effective, humane, and localized possum removal solutions for a wide range of clients across Perth.

    Our Comprehensive Possum Removal Services and Approaches

    To ensure your safety from possums at any time of the day our team provides possum removal services. There are various diseases which possums can transmit. To ensure your family’s protection, call us now! Here are the services offered by us:-

    Dead Possum Removal Service

    Not just alive, even dead possums are harmful for health. They are even more life threatening for humans as compared to possums. As they attract harmful pests and bacteria and can spread them. Contact our dead possum removal service for safe removal of dead possum from your area.

    Backyard Possum Removal

    Possums love areas with shade and therefore you can find them in backyard and garden. But its also very harmful as when you come in your garden, these possums might attack you. Thus call our backyard possum removal service in Perth.

    Possum Inspection Service

    Before moving on to a new place, it would be best if you get the place checked for possums. They can be very dangerous. Call us for inspection of your property.

    Under Deck Possum Removal

    One of the approaches for possum removal from deck is applying possum traps. It helps in catching possums and removing possums. Our best approach to remove the possums from under the deck is the application of possum traps. This helps to catch possums and under deck possum removal effectively.

    Our 3-step Possum Removal Process

    Our team of possum removal professionals use strategies and technique for possum removal. We follow a different technique for any situation. So, here’s our process:-

    Rodent control

    Inspection of Possum Removal Services - After receiving your request, one of our knowledgeable and experienced Possum Removal Service specialists will visit your site as soon as possible to evaluate the animal's habitats near your home. We'll also assess the infestation level, damage they may have caused, the possible hazards the infestation poses to you and your property, and the entrance points. Additionally, we'll investigate the species of possums you have on your property. The two most common possum species in Melbourne are brushtail and ringtail.

    Bee Removal

    Our Comprehensive Possum Control Plan - At our company, we understand the frustration of having possums around your home. That's why we have developed a comprehensive same-day Possum Removal Service to help you get rid of these pests quickly and efficiently. Our approach is based on careful examination, and we will create a detailed plan for removing possums from your property.
    Our team of experts will consider various factors when developing the plan, including the removal processes, timing for the procedure, government approvals, and legal requirements. We have a dedicated research and support team that will analyse possum behaviour and deal with any legal challenges that may arise during the removal process.

    Kitchen Counter

    Possum Removal Treatment - Our experienced and licensed Possum Removal Service technicians use humane methods to capture possums from your property. We use cage traps made of wire mesh that are designed to prevent any harm or stress to the possums. Our team inspects these traps every day in the early morning and releases the possums in accordance with the rules set by Wildlife Australia.
    At our company, we take pride in providing a safe, humane, and efficient possum control solution. We understand that each situation is unique, and our team will work with you to ensure that the possum removal plan is tailored to your specific needs. With our expert services, you can be confident that your possum problem will be resolved quickly and effectively.

    We Can Help You In Case You Need Emergency Possum Removal Service

    Possums frequently cause emergencies. As soon as you spot a possum, you must immediately hire a possum catcher. As a result, our team is available to assist you day and night, 365 days a year. We provide our all to serve our clients. As a result, we make every effort to provide you with our possum removal service nearby within an hour of booking. We offer the most efficient possum removal service in accordance with government regulations with the aid of the most recent techniques and equipment. Additionally, every strategy we employ is secure and compliant with the council's guidelines. Therefore, selecting us is a wiser decision. Additionally, we never charge extra for emergency possum removal services. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for extra time to book our appointment at decent charges. Call us whenever you need possum removal service.

    Emergency possum removal service in perth

    If you have possums in your house, then leave all your worries to us and simply call us. Our possum catcher’s team are available night and day throughout the year. You just give us a call and we will be at your doorstep.

    Signs of Having Possums in Your Property

    Possums are visible throughout the house, including in the garden, on rooftops, and even below the deck. So, watch out for these possum invasion indicators:

    • The structure has visible damage externally. Possums destroy the wall as they climb it.
    • If you live with a pet and all of a sudden notice that the pet's food is disappearing. It can be a possum invasion sign.
    • If you have a possum infestation, you may hear many loud noises coming from within your home, or you may even hear scratching noises.
    • The possums' droppings have a foul odour. You can predict as a result.
    Emergency Rodent Control

    What Is The Difference Between A Rat And Possum?

    Possums and rats look same but are quite different. Rats are comparatively harmless than possums. Here are some of the differences between possums and rats:-


    Possums have a grey colored body with white face and fleshy tail. Their length is 2.5 feet and are mostly found in areas nearby forests.


    They are black, grey and brown in colour and have pink feet and pointed face. Their average length is from 8-16 inch and are compratively smaller in size than possums. They can be found anywhere in the world.

    Why Choose Magic’s Pest Control Experts for Rodent Removal Services?

    Booking Excellent Rodent Control Brisbane services at any time of the week or month.
    availability 24*7 availability of efficient same-day and emergency pest control services for residences and commercial property owners.</>
    experience 20+ years of experience in delivering efficient and effective Rodent Control Services in Brisbane
    safety standards All our Rodent Control Services Brisbane teams are trained to carry out the latest and most effective rodent control techniques.
    follow-up Our rodent control experts are available to work throughout the week and month.
    Brisbane Pest Control Services We also deliver efficient same-day and emergency rodent removal services too.
    All rodent removal techniques are humane and gentle. The products used for the same are also environment-friendly and okay to be used around allergic individuals and infants.

    Benefits Of Hiring Instant Possum Removal Services

    We constantly work to uphold the standards to ensure that our customers receive expert possum removal service. Therefore, the advantages of working with us are as follows:

    Modern Treatment Plans

    The experts on our team are committed to their work. As a result, we have developed to offer sophisticated possum removal services. We also employ the most recent techniques and technology to eradicate possums. These techniques are dependable and efficient.

    Professional Possum Removal Service

    Our team members are qualified, professional, and experienced in possum removal in Perth. We are equipped with every instrument necessary to offer possum removal services.

    Service at a Reasonable Cost

    We offer reasonably priced possum removal services. Additionally, never lower the calibre of our services.

    Safe Practises

    All safety rules and instructions are followed by our possum exterminator

    Emergency Rodent Control

    Why Possums Are Troublesome For You And Your Household?

    Here are some of the reasons why possums can be troublesome for you:-

    • Possums can be dangerous for humans but are also important for ecosystem. They carry a lot of germs and bacteria which can spread disease in humans. These life-threatning diseases like relapsing fever, tularemia, tuberculosis, leptospirosis, Chagas disease, spotted fever, coccidiosis and toxoplasmosis are caused by possums.
    • All your belongings will have to be sanitised if there is a possum in your property as there will be bacteria.
    • Possums can cause damage to your garden, roof and backyard.
    • Possums are even dangerous for pets and kids therefore you need to keep them safe from possums.

    Instant Possum Removal Can Serve You Anytime, Anywhere in Perth

    Yes, We provide possum removal services in Perth. Be it South, East,North or West Perth. We are available for you at any time of the day. Whenever you call us, we will reach your doorstep in no time or book your appointment. In case you have any doubt, then you can simply call us and ask us anything about our services. We will charge no extra money for providing our services. We provide our services in Karrinyup, Swanbourne, Fremantle, Caversham, Cottesloe, Kwinana Beach, Marylands, High Wycombe and nearby locations. You can call us any time for expert Possum Removal Service.

    Commercial Rodent Control

    How much does it cost to clean rodent feces?

    A clean-up of rodent droppings depends on the size of the property and the extent of the damage. Rodents carry a lot of germs and bacteria which necessitates the sanitization of the property with appropriate products to prevent disease outbreaks. This increases the costs. Likewise, if the droppings have been present in narrow and difficult-spaces, they are even more difficult to remove which adds to the costs.

    Trusted Experts For Rodent Control Service In Brisbane

    We are the trusted pest control experts that provide affordable and effective rodent control services for businesses, industries and homes. Magic Pest Control is the right solution for rodent troubles on your property. Our pest control methods, enable us to provide 100% cost-effective and accurate results. Contact us at any time for hiring our services.

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