Are you facing issues due to possums on your property? Try these safe Possum Removal Method now!

Although possums may look harmless, still these animals are a serious threat to your health and also to your property. They enter your yards, lawns, gardens, commercial places, homes, and parks and create a nuisance. This is why possum removal is necessary for maintaining the overall hygiene and aesthetic appeal of the place. By using sustainable, smart and effective techniques, you can ensure that the possums are driven away from your property and that you and your family members or staff members are safe from the nuisance of these pesky critters.

Also, we ensure that the techniques we use are environmentally safe and also non-harmful for the animals. Our team at Instant Possum Removal, understand the eminence of safeguarding the possums. However, we also understand the necessity of eliminating these creatures from your property. This is why we implement smart and effective techniques while offering your possum removal services for your residential or commercial spaces.

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    Types of Rodents

    House Mouse

    They are about 2-4 inches in length and have pointed noses and large ears. House mice are ash-grey coloured and can eat anything from cereals to insects to fruits.

    Wood Mouse

    These species are similar to the house mouse but have bigger eyes and ears. They weigh up to 25 grams. They have a long tail and a golden-brown bottom.

    Brown Rats

    Brown rats are about 15-27 cm long. They have pointed noses and grey-brown bodies with long tails. They live mainly in towns, human habitats, grasslands, and coastal and wetland areas.

    Black-footed Tree Rat

    They are the largest rodents found in Australia with long black tails and big black ears. These species have been declared endangered by the Australian government.

    Black Rat
    These rodent species are grey, black or brown-in color. They can eat fruits, grains, and every other eatable item. They can climb anywhere at a fast speed.
    Pale Field Rat

    These rodent species are about 140 mm and are nightly creatures. They are a vegetarian species that reside mainly in habitats such as grassland sedges across North and East Australia.

    Emergency Rodent Control

    Our team uses safe and humane Possum Removal Methods like trapping or exclusion fencing which are safe and efficient in removing these pesky creatures from your property and reducing their nuisance. Our team of skilled and expert pest controllers are dedicated to making your property free from pesky creatures and making it hygienic, clean and clutter-free.We employ the best and most effective course of action for executing successful possum removal. They are experts in capturing possums through smart and effective methods. Also, our team has all the necessary licenses for capturing and eliminating possums from your property.

    Here are a few methods for possum removal which are safe and effective to use-

    Installation of possum box

    Possum boxes is an amazing tool for capturing possums while keeping them safe. These boxes are usually installed in a place that is safe from other hunting animals. Also, these boxes are in a place that is near water and food and water source. You can choose various places for installing these boxes like in your garden or yards.Possum box installation is an advantageous way to protect the possums from other predators and also prevent them from damaging your property.Here are some places where you can install the possum box-

    • Tree branches
    • Roof
    • Garden
    • Backyard or lawns
    • Underdecks
    • Places where possums tend to nest

    Here are some more gentle and humane ways of capturing possums-

    Set up a trap

    One of the most effective ways of capturing a possum gently is to set a trap in form of a cage. For this, you also need to check the size of your cage before installing the box.

    Install bait

    Possums might visit your property while searching for food. You might consider keeping their food as bait in the cage which helps you to attract the possums quickly.

    Take your possums away from your property

    After the possums are captured in the cage, you can take the cage away and set the possums free. This will help you to keep the possums safe and also reduce their nuisance on your property.

    Removal of dead possum removal

    In case you experience a foul and unpleasant odour, or see a dead possum in your garden or around your property, then it is advisable to connect with an expert for proper removal of the carcass. The experts in our team are well-equipped with modern equipment and are experts in removing dead possums from the property. After removing the possum carcass from your property, we also give you the necessary tips for the prevention of possum infestation on your property.

    Emergency Rodent Control

    Why is it important to remove possums from your property?

    A possum infestation in or near your commercial or residential property can lead to severe health problems for your family members or loved ones. Here are some things which you need to remember about why possums should be removed from your property-

    Emergency Rodent Control
    • Possum dander consists of harmful bacteria which might lead to flesh-eating ulcers in humans.
    • Possums are usually known to be aggressive towards your pets. They might steal their food and also infect them with ticks and fleas.
    • If humans come in contact with possum dander, they might suffer from a long-term disability and other severe infections.
    • Possums are usually notorious and they might try to dig a hole in your roofs and try to destroy them. This might also compel you to spend extra money on getting your roofs repaired.
    • In case possums invade your property premises, then they might also damage your furniture and leave back foul odours which can ruin the ambience of your home. They can also spoil your insulation and ductwork.

    How to prevent possums from entering your premises?

    Make sure that your property is secure from all corners. Ensure that you check them regularly through regular inspections from experts.

    You need to check the roof tile near the spouting, reset it and cement it.

    Examine all the outdoor access points from where possums might enter your property. This will significantly help you to prevent these creatures from entering your property.

    Seal any entry points or holes in your roof.

    Set safe traps in your outdoors to ensure that even though possums enter your property, they will get trapped and will be unable to create a nuisance in your property.

    Try using baits for capturing the possums and keeping them away from your property.

    Make sure to seal the places near chimneys and subfloors as possums might try to enter from those holes as well.

    To know more about tips for possum removal and to appoint our experts for possum removal from your property, connect with our experts and they will be at your help to keep the possums away from your property.

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